Toys for Tots at the 2008 Toys And Collectibles Christmas Fair

Start:     Dec 21, '08
Location:     Megamall Tradehall
Vic Yap, head organizer of the annual Toy Convention at Mega Mall, is approaching all local Toy Groups including PTK, for a pledge of toys to kids this coming Toys And Collectibles Christmas Fair in Mega Mall on Dec. 19-21, 2008.

The group is soliciting from your kind hearts to donate toys you deem you can part of and bring smiles to less-fortunate children this Christmas.

The gift-giving will happen on Dec. 21. You may just attend the fair on the appointed day itself to donate your toys.

Thank you in advance to all kind donors


  1. I'm looking into it. I've got a couple that I can't sell.


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