Start:     Nov 3, '08 10:00a
End:     Nov 4, '08
Location:     SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 1
Fark. Already missed it. Probably a good thing since I need to save cash.

Up to 70% on special branded toys

Nov. 3 - Exclusive for SM Advantage Members
Nov. 4 - Open to the public

UPDATE: According to the PTK gang, no new Marvel Legends sales or Transformers. Mostly Barbie, Bratz and educational toys. If you've got daughters, nieces, etc, go for it.


  1. Do you have an info on what toys might be around in the Nov 7-9 warehouse sale?

  2. Nope. I imagine more of the same. I'm guessing Playkit is saving the Hasbro lines for the thing in MoA later this month.

  3. So just more Barbie, Bratz and educational toys? I want bots, battles and brainlessness... kidding :P

    Actually my friend is looking for Legendary Superheroes Pitt wave. Guess that's not in the other warehouse sale, no?

  4. Doubt it. All they seem to have is Dragon and Super Patriot now. I'm looking for a second set of that as well to replace my Pitt BAF (stupid mistake and now he's all wobbly).

    Tell your friend his best bet is to buy off collectors. most of them should be tired of that wave by now and will be selling it to buy new toys at the Dec Toy Con.


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