Laptop fore steam freaks


F*ck macintosh. I want this. Walk into Starbucks, drag this mother out and laugh at the elitist bastards with their little white Apples.


See the Datamancer's site for more details.


  1. A guy like you, I figger would just drag a desktop (CRT monitor included) to a Starbucks. I feel we've all gained super human powers after the Baguio hike. Not me though. I'm still peeing blood. What were we talking about again?

  2. I got that covered too.

    Desktop Steampunkage Courtesy of Steampunk Workshop

  3. while ur at it, drag a cpu that isnt a tower, one that u have to stack upon a crt monitor with and with big floppy drives with a locking latch. damn what the hell are they having victorian and edwardian looking computers.

    and i thought better machines were for pragmatic people

  4. 'Cause it looks geeky, That's why.

  5. they'd problably play counterstrike with bots wearing busbys with feathers and brandishing sabers and flintlocks with bayonets instead of kevlars, steyr augs and khakis.

    that would be a sight.

    i wonder if bob cratchit would use one. scrooge would never bother to buy one to begin with.

    im not sure if its geeky for me, but looks like its one for the league of extraordinary grandpas.


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