Arts & Music Festival 2008

Start:     Aug 29, '08 09:00a
End:     Aug 31, '08 9:00p
Location:     TBA building

For three days, thousands of students and professionals alike from the arts and music scene and the rest of your target market will once again crowd the aisles of Megatrade Hall 3 and enjoy this one-stop-shop, buyers-and-sellers market that niches on products, merchandise, supplies and services that artists (whether visual, graphic, performance, theatrical), art students, art lovers, gallery owners, hobbyists, musicians and music lovers would require and patronize

To those who are interested to join the only trade fair dedicated to arts & music and the lifestyle it inspires, you still have a chance to be a part of this momentous event by being one of our exhibitors and promote and sell to thousands of your target market for three days.

It's a great opportunity to further promote your services to the target demographics of this event by exhibiting your fervent support to the growing arts and music scene of the country.

Interested parties may call us at 4071602; 9513646; (0916)7814785; (0919)6466638 or eMail us at;


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