I wish for three more wishes!

Taken from Marky. Added to it though...



QUESTION #1: What will you have for your last meal? NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Steak and Eggs. The ultimate comfort food.

QUESTION #2: If you're given a chance to change your entire name, what would it be? NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Gideon Starhammer

QUESTION #3: What is your dream job? Say NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Captain on the Starship Enterprise

Question #4: Where would you go?  Say NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
The center of the universe, where all the stars are close enough to touch.

Question #5: What superpower would you have NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
The Power COSMIC!

Question #6: If you could have any material thing what would it be? NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Every toy I every wanted in perpetuity.

QUESTION #6:If you can talk to a dead person who would that be and why? NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Abraham Lincoln. Grew up the son of a carpenter/farmer and educated himself into the greatest president EVER.


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