Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Do I really need to post a review?

Good guys win, bad guys lose, geek gets the girl, and los angeles gets really messed up.

It's a Michael Bay movie so there's lots of guns, explosions, girls in short skirts, and many... many... hero shots of the protagonists (and even some of the bit players, too!). And apparently, the autobots are now retarded monkeys.

It would have been one star, but Megan Fox is REALLY hot. Now you've noticed I gave it two stars, but you know you're going to watch anyway.

Then you know you're going to go to your nearest pirated DVD vendor and buy the anniversary edition DVD of the original animated movie with the real transformers and a story that makes sense. kinda, anyway.


  1. The Autobots said they picked up our culture via network media (oh Jazz...sigh). Does that make us the retarded monkeys? Or only the Americans. Hence the reason that place must be destroyed repeatedly. Fictional or otherwise. Sector 7 is reading...

  2. Yes. Oh Jazz. My favorite autobot and they let him go out like that. So undignified.

  3. yessss... we'll all still watch it no matter how much it suckzzzz...

  4. Imagine if Jazz had assimilated philippine TV. He'd talk in gayspeak instead of hiphop.


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