Mr. Potato Head Marvel Mixable Mashable Heroes

Kids get the coolest stuff.

Take these mini Mr. Potato Head figures from Playskool for kids 2 years and up. They stand about 2" tall and are made of pure awesomesauce. Each one costs Php 249.75, with the special sets (the ones with an extra change of clothes) costing Php 449.75. That's a pretty good value considering these are all Marvel intellectual properties, which cost butt loads to license.

At those prices, these little guys are a steal!

The figures come packaged in simple bubble cards and aren't held in by anything other than a little glue. They're very simple to open and made to give you a complete view of the figure in the package. The back of the card has a nice big drawing of the Mr. Potato Head figure with a mix of  "clothes" from other figures in the series.

Spider-man + Iron Man = Spider Man... huh, that didn't work out the way I planned.

Let's try photos instead:

You get the idea.

Each figure comes with one of the base spuds (there look to be 3 different versions), a helmet, mask, or hairpiece, a torso, and some feet. The potatoes have holes on the bottom, top and the back to accommodate the different pieces, which fit on with posts in the feet and head piece.

If I were a kid, I'd have a ton of fun mixing and matching these, especially if they continue the line and expand to other properties (they have Transformers ones as well, but I want other Disney stuff, DC, GI Joe, etc.).

Personally though, I can't get enough of how they look as the plain superheroes

The only articulation these toys have is a waist swivel resulting from the fact that the spud is just sitting on top of the feet and torso. I suppose it's also a neck swivel if you want to pick nits, but it still doesn't change the fact that you shouldn't expect them to do much else but look absolutely awesome on your desktop.

The only one I didn't get of those that are currently available at Toy Kingdom was the Spider-man/ Doctor Octopus set. Since Spidey's already available as a single figure and Ock would be the odd man out in this little set (five heroes and one villain) I thought it would just be a waste. I guess I could have used the spud to dress in the Wolverine costume, but then I had the extra one from the Transformers Potatoes (more on that in a future review), so there was no need.


These really are the most fun figures I've bought in a while. They're so simple and the gimmick is so silly, you just can't help but play around with them. I hope they still have some more of these since I want to buy another set for my nephew once I've got the cash. They are just excellently designed, and excellently executed and I hope that we will see more of them in stores before the line inevitably dies.

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