New Grimlock Toys Coming to Robinsons Place Manila!

Hey, guys! Thinking of getting started as a Transformers collector? Or have a young boy to buy a birthday present for in a few weeks?

Well in that case, stop by the Midtown Atrium at Robinsons Place Manila on June 21st for another fantastic Transformers day brought to you by Toys 'R' Us, Playkit and Hasbro, and the nice folks over at Cybertron Philippines!

They'll be setting up a table to distribute some of the nicer toys from the Age of Extinction line, like the Platinum 2-Pack with the Voyager Evasion Mode Prime (the one with the faceplate). Some of the newer deluxe toys from wave 2 will probably be on the shelves, and hopefully more of those awesome Voyager Hounds with all of the weapons that has been flying off shelves this past week.


What's more is that there will be limited quantities of the Transformers Masterpiece King Grimlock (with the Masterpiece King Grimlock Collectors Coin), and the Age of Extinction Grimlock Evolution 2-Pack! Both will be available first come first served and it's unlikely that there will be many coming in.

You want it, you gotta work for it! This ain't model train building or bird watching! This is toy collecting! It's dog eat dog, boy!

Anyway, the information you need is on the two images. If you're ok with a mountain of debt, you can use a credit card for 0% 3 month installments on purchases at the selling area, minimum of Php 3,000.00. Wheee! Lifetime of constant collection calls!

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