Autobots, Roll Out... to Dunkin' Donuts!

I was pretty late to the party for this promotion. It started about a week and a half ago and by the time I jumped onto the bandwagon, the bigger branches (like Megamall) were fresh out of Autobots.

Luckily, there are smaller branches around the metro where people don't buy donuts. These are sad places where people eat carrot sticks and lima beans, do things like read nutrition labels, and regularly engage in something called "exercise". People in these areas avoid food stores like Dunkin' Donuts like the plague.

Happily for me, that means lots of sugary pastries and plenty of Bayverse samurais to go around.

So according to the poster, if you buy one dozen donuts from Dunkin' Donuts, you can get any one Autobot (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Drift) figurine for Php 55 (about a buck and a quarter in American money). If you're a fan and a completist, then you can buy the other two at Php 120 each.

Anecdotes from the Net say that you can also opt to buy a dozen of the "special" donuts, and you can get all three for an additional Php 165. I don't know how it worked out, and I'm not entirely sure if I got a great deal, or I was totally gyped, but I picked up all three with a regular dozen for Php 365 (200+165). How much does a dozen donuts run these days anyway?

It's pretty neat that Dunkin' Donuts has tied the box that these "cup toppers" come in to the boxes that kids see in toy stores. The white edge with the red plain-ass lettering. I hate the aesthetic of the box design, but I love the fact that there's continuity in the marketing. The boxes are pretty flimsy, so unless you're willing to put these in another, sturdier box, then MIB is a lost cause.

The artwork on the sides is nice, with a portrait of each bot on the right and a big, white Autobot insignia on the left. The back of the box has the requisite "Collect Them All!" spread with photos of all three of the available figurines.


There isn't any bubble or ties to bother with inside, but some folded cardboard to hold the figure and it's base plate down inside the box. It does help stop any scuffing, though these being what they are, don't expect to drop your pants when you see the paint apps.

The figurines stand about 4" to about 4.5" tall, and are cast in soft plastic. They are pretty hefty for something this small, so I figure they must be solid. They've got about at most 4 colors each and paint is applied sparingly. I'm pretty sure Bumblebee's just got the yellow and his cast gray plastic. The apps are ok, but not very precise.

Nothing fancy here.

I do like the sculpting here, which has put them into some nice desktop "Come at me, bro!" poses. I also like that they're cheapness necessitates a simplified figure. They kind of just look like robot samurai, which I find better than the normal movie look with a million moving parts.


Optimus Prime and Dirft both come with swords that are separate pieces, which is very cool considering how easy it would have been to cast them together with the rest of it. The soft plastic does tend to wilt though. 'Bee is kind of short changed here, since he gets squat.

No paint apps and no accessories. Poor 'Bee.

Speaking of, if you're looking to buy these and can only get them one at a time, get the 'Bee first. The branches I've been too, always sell out of him first, then Prime, then Drift. But then that progression is really the space of a day or two, so best get them all at once.

They do make great little decorations to pimp your desk at work. I don't think they're work the Php 120 price tag, but if you get them with the donuts, and you can get all three at Php 55, then go for it. They're decent little toys that look fairly good.

And hey, if you have any customizing ability at all, I bet these would look bad-ass with some real color to them.

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