McDonald's Spectacular Spider-Man Happy Meal Toys

Originally posted at on Mar 20, '09

Ever since McDonald's dropped the Disney license, I haven't been very excited about their toys. Let's face it, when one of the traditional hand drawn flicks from the studio or one of the ultra cool Pixar flicks came out, fans would go to McDo (MickeyD's to Americans) after the movie and buy some plastic memories.

Nowadays, the toys don't seem to measure up. Not only are the sets of characters in mediocre movies like those of the sub par Dreamworks cartoons, but quality has gone downhill as well. Toys feature less and less articulation, cheap gimmicks, etc. As much as us fans might want it, We'll never get another batch of "Changebles" or those great 101 Dalmatians or the Titans from Hercules. They don't make 'em like they used to.

Still, they don't make 'em too bad either...

The last batch of toys were based on the animated Spectacular Spider-Man series. For the most part, it's a set full of plastic statues with limited articulation. Included are Green Goblin,
Venom, Doc Ock, Sandman, and 4 Spideys with various gimmicks.

After countless minutes staring at the toys through the glass of the display cabinet, I decided to only buy the wall crawling Spidey and Venom. I've spent a lot trying to collect sets of the happy meal toys, and I discovered that I tire of them fairly quickly and they aren't that easy to sell. The only one I've ever been able to unload is the Kung Fu Panda set (which I kind of regret now).

Venom is easily the winner for me. The other toys all have goofy features that mar their design. Though he's lacks any articulation, he's got the nicest sculpt and his action feature is decidedly innocuous.

He squirts. *lols*

Cytheria jokes aside, It's a great looking desktop decoration. The white spider that's painted on is nice, and he's in a rather powerful pose that photographs nicely:

Spidey on the other hand, sucks *lols*

Mind out of the gutter, folks. This one's not so great. It'd be fine if the suction cups were removable. They're not. They just sit there, blatantly mocking you. It might be nice if they actually worked. They don't. He'll hold on for all of 2 seconds before he falls right off. Even licking them (you know you do it too!) does nothing to keep him on.

Overall, the set isn't one of Happy Meals' Greatest Hits. I'd recommend the toys if you have kids. They'll love the fun features, and they're tough to really break. You could throw them across a room and I'm sure they'd still be in pretty good shape.

For collectors though, I'd say just get Venom. He's the only one that is worth the price of the meal.

"Squirts". *lol*.

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