Hasbro Toyfair 2011!

4th Quarter is usually a wallet buster for everyone, but somewhat moreso for the toy collector. We've got the Collecticon, the Toy Kingdom Warehouse sale, the Richwell Year-end sale, the Toytown (now Toys 'R' Us) Year-end sale, the CADs Year-end sale, the December Toyfair and a bunch of others. The majority of these however are clearance sales and conventions that are populated by the same sellers you see in Greenhills. The stock that is available is usually stuff they've been trying to unload for awhile. It's a great chance to get a bargain, but if you're looking for something new, it's not the place to be.

The place to be is the Hasbro Toy Fair.

If you're in the market for new toys, then this is a good bet. Hasbro and Playkit normally save a bunch of releases for distribution on this day. If you're a Marvel Universe, GI Joe, Star Wars, or Transformers fan, then keep an eye on the local collector forum boards to find out what's coming this year.

I'll also be updating this page as news comes in from Cybertron Philippines.

And if you're looking for a geek fix, check out the Joint Junkie geek calendar.

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