Saw & Claw Set

I love finding totally random stuff when I make the rounds. I found today's set at Lanz Toys & Collectibles at St. Francis Square here in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. I have no idea what these accessories were meant for or if they're boot legs. Not even sure what the Chinese characters on the card say. I imagine they're for some 6" or 7" fireman toy as the package suggests.

No way to tell really.

Honestly, this was a total impulse buy a few months ago. I thought I might be able to use them for my Transformers since there are several posts sticking out from the... implements. At first I had thought that they were the same standard 5mm posts that many Transformers, but it turns out that they're 3mm. While some of the bots have that size hole in their fists, I just don't have that many of them.

The toys still make a pretty fun set when paired with 6" figures though.

The set comes with two over-sized handheld tools. One is a free spinning circular saw, while the other an articulated claw that snaps back shut. Not sure why any superhero would be carrying these, but they look cool.

The set also comes with a tool box that opens to reveal an empty compartment on one side and some molded tools on the other. The tools are not removable, but there is a hammer that you can place in that empty space if you'd like.

Again, the hammers fit perfectly with 6" figures:

For Php 100.00, this wasn't a bad buy. If I had the wherewithal to make custom robots, these would certainly come in handy. Since I don't, I'll just have fun with them passing them on to whoever happens to be on my desk for the day.

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