Hasbro Distribution on Sept. 24 at Megamall!

Thanks to the awesome people at Cybertron Philippines and Playkit, as well as the folks at Hasbro and Toy Kingdom, there are going to be some happy collectors this Saturday.

You guys know the drill by now. Line starts at 10 am sharp as soon as TK opens (and sometimes before), the priority lists come out before 11 am. You sign your name, indicate what you want, and get your number/s. Come 1 pm when the stocks arrive, you come back to the distribution area and wait for your name to be called. If you're not there and they run out of stocks, you're out of luck.

Venue: Toy Kingdom SM Megamall
Date: September 24 2011 (Saturday only)

Here's a list of stuff set to arrive on Saturday courtesy of the organizers:

Marvel Universe Wave 4 set of 5 - 2,499.75
  • Commander Steve Rogers
  • Darkhawk modern armor
  • Namor (Green Speedo + trident)
  • Ultron
  • X-23
Marvel Universe Wave 5 set of 5 - 2,499.75
  • Tony Stark (Unmasked Extremis Armor)
  • Iceman
  • Absorbing Man
  • Astonishing Wolverine
  • Magneto (Ultimates Costume)
Costco Exclusive Optimus Prime vs. Cyber Metal Armor Shockwave - 2,999.75
Star Wars Vintage Set of 5 - 2,499.75
  • Return of the Jedi Boba Fett
  • Return of the Jedi Keyan Farlander (B-Wing Pilot)
  • Return of the Jedi Tie Fighter Pilot
  • Return of the Jedi Han Solo
  • Return of the Jedi Princess Leia (Slave Outfit)

Star Wars: Ultimate FX Lightsaber - Price to follow

Armor Charge Iron Man and War Machine - 999.75

Unfortunately, I've already blown my wad on other things this month (stoopid Arkham Asylum figures and Thor Omnibus *grumble grumble*) so I won't be going to this one. Hopefully, I can score some singles of the Universe waves on the secondary market.

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