Galvatron (Transformers Universe)

Originally posted on on Oct 10, '08

First the good points; He looks like Galvatron. If you take a photo of him at the right angle, his body looks menacing and very close to the Galvatron in the original movie. The color scheme and his head sculpt are very close to that classic of animation.

The toy also gives you a decent amount of articulation. It's not the best in the Transformers Universe line and some of the joints are frustrating because of the kibble that gets in the way, but you can get decent poses out of him. Probably the worst is the limited swing of the canon arm. This being his main weapon, you'd expect it to have a decent range of motion, but between the complicated joint and the "backpack" that dangles behind him, you can't get much more than up and down.

 His feet are also a big problem. The proportion's good, but the construction of his feet makes him very unstable. There are alot of poses where he will just fall over because of his tiny footprint.

The biggest let down is pretty unexpected. I love complicated transforms, but with Galvatron, I think they went a little overboard. He's a "deluxe" class figure with way too much going on. you need to swing parts out and up, lock them into place, and still you have kibble that just kind of hangs off him with little purpose. Not the best engineering.

He's also kind of small. He's a TANK. They should have given him at least a "Voyager" class treatment to get him to scale.

Still, It's a pretty good looking figure and a nice addition to a transformer's collection. If you square him off against one of the smaller Primes, or against the Classic version of Hot Rod, he looks pretty good. Evil like.

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