Hasbro Grand Toyfair

Start:     Nov 21, '08
End:     Nov 23, '08
Location:     SM Moa Atrium (in front of French Baker)
There will be a set of product introductions on Nov. 22 and another batch on Nov. 23.

There's a 10% discount on Nov 22, and you get gift with purchase, plus a chance at the Toy Vault (3K vault, 5K vault and 10k vault).

More news TBA.



  1. I'll be there. Cuz, y'know, I HAVE to. (heh)

  2. Which one will you be again? Brawn?

  3. I hear that they will may be releasing the Nemesis series for those of you who follow the Marvel Legends line.

    Also hear they'll have re-stocks of the HML 2-packs, and hopefully the Fantastic Four Wave so I can finally complete Ronan.

  4. Not Brawn, that's for sure (he's needs a total overhaul).

  5. Not Brawn, that's for sure (he's needs a total overhaul).

  6. Update from Thunderbreak:

    Here's some of the items that we will see during the Hasbro Grand Toyfair. This list is incomplete and more will be posted once we get confirmation.

    Encore Ironhide - 999.75
    Encore Ratchet - 999.75
    Encore Jazz - 999.75
    Transcanning Prime - 1299.75
    Transcanning Bumblebee - 1299.75
    Henkei Optimus Prime - 1299.75
    Henkei Grimlock - 699.75
    Henkei Mirage - 699.75
    Transformers Legends Wave 2 (Jazz, G2 Megatron, Hound)
    Transformers Deluxe Wave 3 (Ironhide, Sideswipe, Silverstreak) – for confirmation
    Transformers Ultra Wave 3 (Silverbolt & Storm Cloud) – for confirmation
    Transformers Animated Deluxe Wave 4 (Swoop, Sentinel Prime, Elite Guard BB, Jazz) – for confirmation
    TF Voyagers + Deluxe Boxset (Roadbuster Vs. Dirge and Springer Vs. Ratbat)

    G.I. Joe:

    Mail In Doc - 599.75
    Comic 2-pacs wave 6 (Snake Eyes & Hard Master, Beachhead & Mainframe, Scrap Iron & Wild Bill) – for confirmation
    Singles Wave 5 Rev 5 - “The Best of G.I. Joe”
    Singles Wave 10 – for confirmation
    Lots of restocks of earlier waves
    Vehicles Wave 3

    Marvel Unleashed Waves 1 and 2
    Hulk Classics: Fin Fang Foom Wave (Buy 1, Take 1)
    Incredible Hulk Movie Singles (Buy 1, Take 1)
    Incredible Hulk Movie Deluxe Wave 1 and 2 (P599 – Buy 1, Take 1)
    Incredible Hulk Movie Deluxe Wave 3 (Sonic Destruction Hulk vs. Hulkbuster and Abomination vs. Hulkbuster)
    Iron Man Vehicle Sports Car (P849)
    ML Brood Queen Series – 299.75 each

    Star Wars:
    SW Transformers New Wave
    SW Saga Legends
    SW Titanium Wave 1 and 2 (vehicles)

    Other Lines:
    Baby Alive
    Indiana Jones (singles – Buy 1, Take 1)
    Littlest Pet Shop
    My Little Pony
    Mr. Potato Head

    Updates in the 10% discount

    I just got off a meeting with TK.... here's a clarification about the 10% discount.

    Toy Kingdom started distributing the 10% discount coupons last Saturday. They will continue to distribute it in selected Toy Kingdom branches until Thursday (Nov. 20)... you can get these coupons even if you don't purchase anything.

    ... you will need this discount coupon to avail of the 10% discount on Friday.

    Updates on Toy Kingdom Raffle

    Hasbro Grand Toyfair - Toy Kingdom Raffle
    1st Prize: Playskool Kota Triceratops worth 25,000
    2nd Prize: Gold TFTM Optimus Prime
    3rd Prize: Toys worth 10,000

    Consolation Prizes:
    10 pcs. US version Monopoly
    10 pcs Playskool Step Start Walk and Ride
    10 pcs. Nerf Dart tag strike fire
    10 pcs. Littlest Petshop Clubhouse
    10 pcs. TF Animated Voyagers
    10 pcs. My Little Pony Birthday Kit


    1. Participants will need to present the following:
    - Toy Kingdom (MOA and on event grounds only) Official Receipt worth PhP 500 of HASBRO products during Nov. 21 to 23, 2008 entitles a person to one (1) raffle ticket
    - Maximum of three (3) tickets per receipt!

    2. Participants will fill up and sign the raffle tickets. The raffle tickets will then be placed in the drop box.

    3. Drawing of prizes will be done on November 23, 2008.

    4. Absentee winners can claim their prizes at TK MOA after the event. Please bring 2 Valid IDs.

  7. Argh!!!


    There had better be some stuff to buy here. Been holding my wad for a month now.

  8. That... doesn't sound very decent...
    LOL! :P
    I HOPE the 'for confirmation' stuff all pull through!


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