A Cinephile's Grimoire

Originally posted on Oct 18, '07, at slangards.multiply.com

These are magical, mystical, absolute mouth-watering movies that I am mad about.

They cover basically everything I've seen since around 1985, movies I used to have in my old VHS collection, before DVD made those beloved, delicate black plastic space wasters obsolete. I actually still have a lot of them, stuffed in a box, in my closet, gathering dust. Even have some Betamax tapes. Ahhh, Betamax.

These are mostly Hollywood films because the site I use, www.impawards.com, doesn't have a lot of the stuff I saw in college. When I find posters for that stuff I'll probably add it in.

I love these films for different reasons. Some of the reasons don't involve the rational thought processes of normal people so do not leave replies saying "this movie sucks so hard I use it to vacuum my carpet!".

I know it sucks. That's probably why I like it.


See the gallery HERE.

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