Dennis! Now, More Bored Than Ever Before!

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I'm a nerd. My favorite subjects in school were history and science. I was a NJHS member in Hawaii, was on my school quiz bee team in Guam. Was even on TV (albeit local Guam TV which all of three people probably watch). I spent my recess with my nose in a book while my classmates played tetherball or basketball or dodgeball.

Anyone else think sports is kinda gay?


I'm a geek. The obsessive, pack rat kind. My room is filled with pocket books (mostly genre books), DVDs (mostly genre DVDs), toys (mostly Comic book toys), and magazines (mostly FHM - I mean SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN! SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN). I've emptied my closet of clothes so I could stuff more things in there. I've written fan fic, played D&D, and ranted on blogs in geekspeak. I only get really engaged in a conversation if it's in that certain elitist vernacular that geeks love to perpetuate.

Geeks love elitism.


I'm a dork. I don't like socializing for the sake of socializing much. It takes me eons to open up to people. I hate parties and social crowds. Plain crowds are fine. The kind you can lose yourself in. I like to stare at people around me with a scowl on my face.

Security guards tend to think I'm a terrorist


I 'm a loner. I like doing things alone. Commuting alone. Walking the mall alone. Watching movies alone. I didn't attend my prom, my graduation, attended only one reunion and am AWOL from most social functions if I can give even a half decent excuse. People are noisy and I like the quiet. I like the dark.

I hear the voices in my head better that way.


I'm an impatient bastard. I don't like to stay in one place for a long time. That's why I'm such a bad shopper. I don't like standing in front of a store haggling with the barkers. If I need something, I zone in on it, drop the cash, and I'm out of there. I don't take the same way home all the time, I don't hang around the same malls and I don't like waiting around for anything.

Contrarily, I was in UP for a decade.


I'm a pop head. I listen to the most sacharine, sugary pop music you can imagine and like it. Shut up with your grunge and your punk and your "alternative". Alternative is common. Pop is the new alternative.

Baduy is the new cool.


I'm totally blocked. I've got the mother of all artist's block. I can't draw anymore. It has something to do with my depression. I just don't have the passion anymore. Every time I sit down in front of a blank page I just stop and stare at it. One of these days I'm going to have to work through that.

But only after my serial killing spree.


I'm a closet optimist. Though it's well covered by my guise of a pessimistic realist. I think the best of everyone, all the time. I like to think that the human race isn't a bunch of fucking wankers who are out to get me, take my money, and piss on my head, then knife me in the back.

But I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.


Tag, you're it...


  1. #4 isn't true. We all love you Dennis! Right guys? Guys? Hello...? Oh well. I tried.

  2. arent we all are? we love you dennis !!! :D

  3. Awww dennis... Im your biggest fan. I lurv every inch of you! Baduy is the new Cool!!!

  4. aww... I lurv you guys too. *sniff*


  5. wab ya wenis

    ME! - Anyone else think sports is kinda gay?

  6. what i want to know is --- who else loves Dennis?????

  7. Are you looking or someone specific? You are and you know it.


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