3rd Annual Toy Kingdom Mega Warehouse Sale


  Ok, was there at 10:00 sharp this morning when they opened. Started getting hairy around 11. Madhouse by 12.

Lined up around 12:30, spent about 30-40 minutes paying. Tip, if you have any other choice, don't opt for deferred payment on a card. They take it to customer service and then they need to call to verify stuff. Naturally they only have a few phonelines to do so. It takes forever.

Not as much stuff as the previous years. I imagine they cleaned out quite a bit in years 1 and 2, but still some good deals for christmas gifts, or a few nice finds for collectors who aren't stuck on one line. Friends of mine bought all kinds of kiddie toys for their kids and godkids. Saw a ton of people who's kids are going to be very happy this Christmas. Another friend bought a bunch of itty-bitty toy dart guns for his team. Gonna give them to them before the Christmas holiday. Right after they have them, he's gonna pull out the huge shotgun he bought for himself. Nice.

Here's the rundown of what I saw.

  • Transformers Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader Class. ALL OF THEM. Including the deluxe 2-packs and a new Leader Class/Activator set. The one I saw was Bulkhead and Bumblebee. Wish I could have gotten one.
  • Knock off deluxe Transfomer Animateds. Like the red Jazz, etc.
  • GI Joe, most of the recent vehicles. I didn't see any Rhinos. They had that boxset with Duke, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, and Snake Eyes for p800 (lower than the current sale price). No other figures that I could see.
  • McFarlane Dragons, Military, Lost figures. Some Flintstones.
  • NECA. Tomb Raider, Hitman, Street Fighter (All except Ryu I think), April O'Niel, Gears of War, 12" Arnie, Other 12" stuff,
  • Deep Space, Twilight, etc. etc. etc. Best find... Mousers for p700.00. That's p1,300.00 off baby!
  • Play Arts. Cloud in the Shinra suit (p1800) and Balthier (p1500). That's it.
  • Warcraft. I saw the walrus for p2000.00. Was going to get it but changed my mind. Other stuff too. Most with p500.00 or so off.
  • DC Directs. Got a Nightwing and Flamebird from the Armory series at p500.00
  • Most everything else that 2Rats distributes was there with additional discounts. Some loose toys in baggies too.
  • Pirates of the Carribean at rock bottom prices. They've got figures at p100. A lot of the sets. Chow yun Fat's character looks like a good 3.75 Mandarin for Iron man.
  • Dragonball: Evolution. ugh.
  • Kung Fu Panda. The little ones.
  • Looney toons, those long yellow boxes with the figures, cars and the play maps were at p200 each, complete sets available
  • Speed Racer. I saw the 3" figures with the cars. The big truck playset too. Bunch of stuff for the kids.
  • Hot Wheels and replica cars, various companies.
  • For girls, there are dolls, but I don't think any of them are Barbie or Bratz. Surprising since they're on sale in Toys R Us...

Here's what they DO NOT HAVE

  • No Marvel Legends
  • No Marvel Universe
  • No DCUC
  • No Playskool stuff
  • No Bankee stuff like Terminator: Salvation toys

  To anyone going tomorrow, get there EARLY! Don't bring kids. This isn't an event for them. It's for people looking for gifts for kids. It's not an event for collectors looking for a good deal on popular items either. It's a WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE. duh. It's mostly old stock. You're unlikely to find any new releases here. Even in the past, the only "new" releases were figures that hadn't been shelved. With Playkit's new practices, I doubt we'll see much. The big brands they do have are toys that have already gone on sale while they were on shelf. Don't expect discounts on top of those you've already heard about.

That said, I got a quite a bit.



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