Things to See

The coming months are looking good for us cinephiles. There are alot of understated movies coming out that aren't of the same old big blockbuster mold, and I'm definitely hoping some of these will be fun.

Martian Child - Cusack adopts a martian kid. Daywatch - Russian superheroes fight bad guys. Rise: Blood Hunter - Lucy Lui as a vampire. Rogue Assassin - Jet Li and Statham, together again for the first time. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - Jessica Beil in panties 1408 - Stephen King horror Skinwalkers - Sarah Carter as an irressitably cute werewolf 30 Days of Night - Vampires at the Northpole live it up. National Treasure: Book of Secrets - More zany antics from Nic Cage Shoot 'Em Up - Paul Giamatti as a villian. The Kingdom - Action Propaganda The Golden Compass - Fantasy worlds with polar bears Stardust - Fantasy worlds and British humor.


  1. golden compass and stardust!
    i've read the books so i've got high expectation for the movies...
    then again, seeing daniel craig is its own reward,..*swoon*

  2. i wanna watch golden compass and stardust too... can't wait.


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