Funko Pop! Iron Man 3 Figure Set

This is really going to be a pretty quick review since there isn't really much to these figures other than THEY ARE CUTE!

If you've seen one Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead figure, then you have a pretty good idea of what they look like. They stand about 3" to 4" tall, have small bodies, and huge cube-shaped heads (something like the "super-deformed" toys that Japan loves to produce). The squarish, hollow heads are mounted on a post with a large spring attached, that in turn attaches to the roof of the head's interior.

You hit the head, it bobbles. Bobble. Head.

Pretty straightforward.

I bought these at the last 3-Day Sale at SM Megamall in Filbar's, in the basement floor, near the foodcourt. They were on sale at 50% off (Php 250). I'd been eyeing Pop! figures for a long time, but couldn't really get myself to pull the trigger at Php 500 until they came out with their Guardians of the Galaxy line. As soon as I saw those on Facebook, I caved and put in a pre-order.

I'm still waiting on those, so technically, these are my first Funko Pop! figures: #23 Iron Man, #24 War Machine, and #25 Iron Patriot, all from the Iron Man 3 sub-set. They were missing the Deep Space Suit, so I guess I've got to track that one down now.

Damn it.


Each of these comes in a little box with some nice artwork that is basically what you'd get if you traced a photo of one of figures. I love the "PoP!" logo in the word balloon, and the "also available" portraits at the back. These are nice, simple packages that I really don't want to throw away. They are perfectly collectible.

The figure is held inside by a plastic tray that keeps the figure perfectly centered in the cardboard. It's really very nice.

The War Machine and the Iron Patriot are basically the exact same figure with different colors. It was the same in the movie, so no really biggie. The Iron Man is basically the MK 42 from the Iron Man 3 film. As I don't have the white armor in the set, I can't say what that one looks like, but from the back of the package, it's got a completely different look.


There are some quality issues with paint and some tiny areas where there's some flashing (mostly at the seams of the mold along his sides, and on the interior of his head), but they're mostly minor things. The biggest problem areas I saw when I was choosing them were the white eyes and spillover from the paint around them.

However, with no articulation and no accessories, there aren't any dealbreakers here. I feel it would take a concentrated effort to actually screw up these types of toys.

Overall, I think these are a great buy. You should get a few that represent your favorite pop culture franchise, but don't go overboard. At Php 500 a pop, things can get expensive fast.

I've already got the Guardians of the Galaxy figures coming, the Classic X-Men set in the pipeline, the Thor: The Dark World figures, the Captain America: Winter Soldier ones, the Batmobile from the 60's TV Show, and I'm seriously considering adding the Book of Life and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lines to the shopping cart. I still have to find that other Iron Man armor.

Sigh. Like I said. Don't go overboard.



  1. those are fun! I have a few, including the Mark 42 Iron Man here...

  2. You bought that for 250?! *sigh* ive been looking for that since forever! If you would allow, Can i buy that from you? Ugh. Ang mahal kasi sa iba di ko afford! I reallu want that! :( Hoping 🙏

  3. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming... cơ khí thành tuyết


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