Robot Spirits Gundam Age-1 Titus

The Robot Spirits is a toy line from Bandai that includes 12cm (about 6") mostly robots from various anime shows, those most of the figures are of Gundam robots. The articulation and level of detail in the series is unprecedented and most usually include a good assortment of accessories. If you're not a Gunpla geek who wants to build toys from scratch, then these present a really great option.

I would have been really into these toys if not for one thing: they're really pricey. Even the ones that don't include a lot of accessories run about Php 3,000. If you're looking at something with tons of armor and weapons (like the the Altron), then you're looking at something closer to Php 4,000.

But recently, I found out that the few figures that local stores have in stock are all on sale for something like 65% off! So this Gundam Age-1 Titus, which was Php 3,500 was bought at Php 1,200 ($30 US) at Glorietta Toy Town!

That's awesome!

I've been wanting to get the model kit of the Titus for about a year now, but after my first Gunpla experience, I just didn't think it would be worth it. The finished product is just too delicate for the way I play with toys and the 8 hours of work to assemble it isn't something I have to spare any longer. Plus, the price for the mid-range Gunpla kits like that one are about the same for a Robot Spirits figure.

But then I saw this one and couldn't help but pick it up. It had all the beam effects that the kit had, and all the fantastic articulation, but was just a little smaller.


The packaging for the Robot Spirits is pretty plain, but the photography on the back is great. I do wish that you could see more of the accessories from the front, since you don't see any of the effects that come with it. But then, the back does have photos of everything.

Since toys in Japan aren't really limited by a set series price, Bandai is free to include however many accessories it makes sense for a given toy to have and price them accordingly. That also means that each figure in the series comes with a box that is made to fit. It's a pain for storage, but it's fantastic to have the increased display options.

Once out of the package, the figure was every bit as gorgeous as I thought it would be. Though it's smaller than my Astray Red Frame (1/100 scale), the way it's put together is similar. However, the material and the construction are such that it doesn't feel at all flimsy. You can pose and re-pose him over and over and it holds position beautifully.

One of the sweetest things about the articulation on this robot is the double hinge knees. They are very similar to the ones that are on the S.H.Figuarts Iron Man and War Machine, which really isn't so surprising since they are both made by Bandai. The collapsible compartment on the back of his lower legs make it so that the robot can actually kneel. It's amazing.

He's also got amazing balance. I've been testing him out and he can even do a roundhouse kick without any special stand. That said, if you have any of the Bandai stages that are compatible with the smaller Gunpla kits, there's a little adapter that clips underneath his crotch which fits onto those posts. As the stages are also pretty pricey, it's nice that you don't need them.

There aren't that many accessories that come with this figure other than a couple of pairs of optional hands. I didn't watch this particular sub-set of the Gundam mythos, so I'm not sure why it doesn't have many weapons, but from what I'm guessing from the stuff it comes with, it's a rough and tumble, fisticuffs sort of robot, like in Real Steel. What he does come with are little beam effects that pop out of his shoulders and knees to give his strikes that extra bit of oomph.

Like a metal knee into your crotch isn't bad enough.

There's also two pink disks that fit around his wrists. I'm guessing they're an indication of some kind of "super" attack so he can punch harder. Some quick Google-ing tells me that that's exactly the case They;re a bit harder to get on than the rest of the beam effects but it's worth the effort because they look amazing!

When I bought this at Toy Town, last month, there were several in stock, but as these are clearance items, I doubt that's still the case. Having had a chance to play around with one, I've got to say, I'm disappointed that I didn't start with this line earlier. Like the S.H. Figuarts Iron Man, it's a toy that is nearly perfect in terms of accessories, articulation, and appearance.

Yes, it's pricey, but you get what you pay for. I mean, normally that's the case.

Sometimes you get 65% off.

Now, if only I could find that Gundam Fix Figuration #0035 Shin Musha Gundam that I saw once at Toys 'R' Us.

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