NECA T-800 Endoskeleton

Originally published at on Jun 24, '09

I've already ranted about the shortcomings about Playmate's Terminator: Salvation line in my Pescadero Escape so... I'll just copy and paste:

"The new Playmates Terminator: Salvation toy line is much the same. They look nothing like their movie counterparts, plastic quality looks cheap, and the paint applications are basic. I don’t know why they bothered with the bigger scale at all as it just makes the flaws that much easier to see. About the only thing I wanted from their line was the new Terminator costume pieces, the ones that you stick to your face and arms? I know you were thinking of buying them and going to a meeting with those on your face and a pair of red contacts."

I'm lazy like that.

I had just bought a few 1/18th scale Iron Man figures the same day I got the new NECAs and I was seriously considering getting a few of the Playmates' 3 3/4"s endoskeletons to pit them against (I not one to complain about the logical inconsistancy of one geekverse paying a visit to the next), but everytime I look at the quality of the Playmates line, I just want to ask WHY? Sure, TMNT was a fun line, but Playmates has clearly made a line of toys for young kids, when the movie is

Thankfully, NECA is around to give us nice and proper representations of the only real Terminator; our friendly neighborhood T-800!

First things first; for the love of Pete, be careful with yours! About 5 minutes after I started playing with him, the "hydraulic" piston thingie on the right leg broke. Apparently the tiny pegs are made of soft plastic and not metal pegs like in the arms. I was able to glue it, but this has hampered the articulation and he looks kind of lopside. Sort of a gimp robot. sigh.

Don't take this as a point against NECA though. I'm not as careful with toys as most collectors and that 5 minutes was spent trying to get him to do the splits. Suffice to say that isn't possible. The articulation is abundant, but it doesn't have a lot of range. Some of that is NECA's fault I'm sure, but I think alot of it stems from the fact that it's supposed to be movie accurate, and let's face it, the thing wasn't exactly nubile in the movie was it? Many of the joints have the hydraulic pistons so the range of motion is locked to what they'll allow.

Here's what he does have, cut neck, compound shoulders (A peg joint and hinge joint that give him 180 degree range in any direction), hinge elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, hinge knees, swivel ankles, hinged toes. Plus he's got two "door" things on his back and one on his abdomen. At first I though the one on his stomach was a ab crunch... no such luck.

The shoulders are probably the best, letting you put his arms in any position you want, but the other joints are hampered but the little doohickys stuck to him. For instance, his waist joint (actually it's somewhere in his stomach) will only turn about 10 degrees from his center,and it won't stay there due to two more of those hydraulic doodads, which look great... but aren't practical.

My feeling is they proabably should have gone with a more pliant plastic like the ones Hasbro used on the recent Sideswipe toy.


He comes with some accessories, an extra hand and a gun. He can't really hold the gun well and the extra had is kind of pointless. No biggie since the figure itself is the biggest draw.

The thing that really peeves me is that he won't stand up, especially on smooth surfaces. Because of his small, oddly shaped footprint, and extremely light frame, he tends to fall over at the slightest breeze. Well, can't have everything.



All in all, I prefer the Pescadero Terminator to this one. Despite better articulation and amazing detail, it doesn't feel as fun as Arnie. If you're a display only collector, then yes, by all means buy it. But I'd think twice if you're a guy who wants to have a Terminator vs. Superman battle.

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