Fraulein Revoltech: Yoko (Movie Version)

Originally posted at on 05/27/09

What’s better than one redhead in a bikini and hot pants? Two redheads in bikinis and hot pants with really big guns!

Having already bought the TV Version of Yoko, I couldn’t resist getting the second, more “mature” Kaiyodo release. Apparently, this version is supposed to be Yoko after several years. She’s grown into her role (whatever that is - I really need to watch this series) and filled out her - ahem. Well, you know. Just look at the pics.

Now if you bought the first one, you might ask, “why buy a second figure?”. Well when you get right down to it, you shouldn’t. At p1,300.00, these toys aren’t cheap. You can get a Leader Class Transformer figure at Toy Kingdom for around that much and they’re a heck of a lot bigger than either of these two. For that matter, you could probably invest that money somewhere else. In fact, stop reading this review and go to a bank. It’s too late for us. Save yourself.

However, if you’re still reading, there are 3 people who should be getting this. If you’re a lonely geek who enjoys having plastic representations of fantasy females adorning his shelf (raises hand), then yes, you should fork over the grand to get this thing, even if you have already bought the first one. If you’re an old collector who knows how to unload unwanted figures, then you can also get this one, keep the parts you want and sell the other figure cheap. It’s actually a better buy than the first release because it has better paint applications, more accessories, and bigger - ahem. Well, look at the pictures.

The best of the new accessories is the new guns. No not the above guns. The actual, bullet firing kinds. In addition to the sniper rifle, she also has a nice new pistol that fits right into her right hand. It’s a little loose, but that just means that it’s easier to slip in and out. A good thing because her trigger hand looks really delicate. You’re going to want to be real careful not to lose parts from these guys. I keep all my small Revoltech parts in 35mm film canisters so they don’t get lost.

The second new weapon is an assault rifle. It looks like it’s the main body of her rifle broken down, but it looks lethal. I really like this one and it’s normally the one I display her with.

In addition to her two new guns, Kaiyodo included a slightly darker version of her sniper rifle. It’s the same mold, so you can have one of the Yokos hold both if you wanted and really have a kick-ass heroine blowing holes in your robots.

She also comes with a pair of chopsticks.

Say what? Yeah. Y’know how her hair is held up by those two yellow sticks? well she has a pair of them and extra hands so she can use them as weapons. Too cool.

And as is apparent from the pictures, she also comes with extra hair, molded to look as if she’s let it down for the day. It’s a very nice include and differentiates it a lot from the first one. And she still has the pony tail from the first figure as well, so you’re getting two in one basically.

Overall, I’d say this figure is well worth the p1,300.00. It’s a very well made figure, with several nice add-ins to give you plenty of display options. If you haven’t bought the first one, then I’d suggest you mosey on over to WasabiToys, or GreatToys and pick one up ASAP. They’re not going to last very long.

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