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So, if you've read my Classics Optimus Prime review (here),then you know that the Classics version of Optimus is my favorite version of the immortal Autobot leader. While it doesn't have the size, the diecast parts or the bells and whistles of the Masterpeice version, the design just looks alot more modern. Plus, at the MP01's scale, you know you're never going to have the rest of the Autobots, and what is Prime without his team?

So anyway, when I saw this baby at a severely discounted price (only P1,000.00, about $20) at the Christmas Toyfair, I just had to have him. From my trips to Greenhills last year, he was from about 1.8k to 2.5k, depending on the store you found him in. If you go to Greenhills now, you might still find him in some of the specialty shops at a similar discount.

There's really no difference from the US version of Optimus, aside from color. Nemesis Prime's paint scheme is just about identical, except that the red is replaced by black, the yellow by an odd turquoise, and the blue by a dark sea green. The silver highlights are the same, except for his wheels which are a nice bronze. I would have preferred if they had made his lower legs black and casted his windows in a nice purple or red rather than the same blue as the original, but can't have everything.

Since I wasn't able to give a size comparison in the last review of this figure (I didn't have these other Primes then), Here are some pics against Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, Nightwatch Prime, and with the Fans Project trailer for Classics Ultra Magnus:

As you can see above, he's not as imposing as any of the leader class figures, and nowhere near as hulking as the Masterpiece line, but darn it if he don't look good with that trailer. If the Shadow Commander kit wasn't so darned expensive, I might have considered getting the black version for him (still might if payday coincides with its release).

They did add one nice touch to the figure that the Autobot didn't have; a Decepticon logo on his shoulder, and on the outside of his vehicle mode. Good on Hasbro for throwing that in. He still retains the ugly gray arms and grill that the first one had (It's mainly what sold me on the Henkei version of Prime). For awhile I was actually contemplating getting a second Henkei to kitbash the chromed grill, but I have too many of these as it is...

In robot mode, Nemesis Prime is one bad-@$$ mother. Since he shares the mold from Optimus, he's just as tall compared to the Classics/Universe Autobots. With the bad boy paint job, he's twice as macho looking. With the chest and the boots and the shoulders. If I was a gay robot...

Okay, I'm back. I would have loved it if they had just borrowed Skywarp's colors instead of the odd mix of blue, black, and green. Purple and black always seems to screams "EVIL!". The colors Hasbro used on Nemesis sort of just speak it in a firm, yet not overly loud, voice.

Since Hasbro dropped the ball somewhat and didn't include any extra accessories with either Optimus or Nemesis, I like to display mine with Animated Swoop's mace. He doesn't need it anyway in Pterodactyl form, and it looks much better in a Decepticon's hands. Now face off with Prime and...

So in conclusion: go and buy him!


  1. I give Five robot points. Just wondering where did you get those nasty weapons? ^_^

  2. The mace is Swoop's, the brownish axe is Strongarm's, the red axe is from the battle damage two-set of TFA megs and prime.

    See, that's why they need to give them standardized weapons. Hear that Hasbro! (I'm still pissed that Ironhide doesn't have standard hands.)

  3. Swoop can carry his mace in dino mode, sort like he's dropping a bomb. Check the pegs :)
    I've yet to own a Prime Classic but I do want one. I'll get one. Eventually.

  4. Yeah, but the fit isn't too good, and he looks silly doing it. If he's out, I just display him without it.

    I'd suggest getting him now. If the other stores mark him down, people are going to clean him out fast.


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