FCBD! Fan boys unite!

Yes! It's back. I haven't been to a Diamond's Free Comic Book Day since our beloved CCHQ went kaput back in college.

Comic Odyssey's gonna be hosting it this time. You can see what titles they've got lined up this year at the FCBD site. I'm not sure if they've got the same rules as CCHQ had (one comic for every purchase of so and so pesos) but it just gives me an excuse to start looking for all those graphic novels I need to get.

Hellboy, 300, The Fountain, V for Vendetta even, and a whole mess of new ones I saw at Fully Booked the other day. Thank god for the nightshift. I can beat all you losers there. Thank god for call centers. I can afford to buy stuff I don't need.

Geekout! Geekout!

--- Thanks to Mark Cerbo for the heads up.

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  1. Rats. I just realized this is on a Saturday. I've lost my edge! There's gonna be a line. I hate lines. I know! I'll get a stun gun!

    "Look an elephant!" Bzzzzzt!


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